Flocculants Chemicals

We Trinity Engineering also supplier of excellent quality Flocculants Chemicals. Also known as clarifying agents, these chemicals are widely used for removing suspended solids from liquids with the help of flocculation. And clients can easily avail these Flocculants Chemicals from us in safe packaging options and at Competitive cost.

They are available in solid and liquid forms. Trinity engineering flocculants are used in variety of raw, process and waste water treatment systems. Flocculation is the step where destabilized colloidal particles (“pin floc” from the coagulation process) are assembled into larger particles that can be separated from the water medium. Flocculants have an electrical charge to bond with solid particles in aqueous suspensions or slurries. Flocculants are used to improve a variety of process applications.

To promote the formation of flocs in water that contains suspended solids polymer flocculants (poly electrolytes) are applied to promote bonds formation between particles. These polymers have a very specific effect, dependent upon their charges. The polymers are water-soluble and there can be several charges on one flocculent. There are cationic polymers, based on nitrogen, anionic polymers, based on carboxylate ions and polyampholytes, which carry both positive and negative charges