• Instructor: Rosy Janner
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  • Duration: 10 weeks
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Mechanism is meant for rectangular tanks which consists of a trolley bridge spanning the entire width of the tank and travels on a pair of rails fixed on either side of the tank top longitudinally The scraper frame and float assembly connected to the bottom of trolley bridge can be hoisted and lowered by an independent drive. Trolley bridge longitudinal travel drive is reversible in operation and actuates the trolley in both forward and reverse directions alternately

During forward travel the sludge settled at the bottom is scraped and collected in the sludge disposal pit whereas during the return travel scum and floating materials get pushed to the scum collection end from where scum collection can be carried out by various methods. One of the standard collection systems offered is rotatable slotted oil pipe assembly and the other is motorized brush type scum collector.

Travel Bridge Type Clarifiers are more suited for long rectangular tanks of less width.