Clarifier Mechanism For Rectangular Sedimentation Tank

  • Instructor: Daziy Millar
  • Lectures: 11
  • Quizzes: 3
  • Duration: 10 weeks

Sludge removal equipment offered by TEST consists of a pair of endless conveyor chain Attached to the chains at regular intervals are scraper flights of wood or steel extending the full width of the tank. These scraper flights travel from feed end to the sludge collection end at a speed of approx. 1.2M per minute. The solids settling in the tank are scraped to sludge hoppers by the scraper flight.

Supporting arrangements for the scraper plates guide rail installed on either side of the Walls and also on the tank floor. Easily replaceable ductile iron guide blocks assembled to the sides and bottom of scraper flights facilitate for minimum wear and increase in operating life of the mechanism. If the scum removal becomes necessary, the design of TEST has provision to offer the equipment with same scraper flights carrying out scum removal operation at liquid surface on their return travel. Most common scum draw-off facility is offered with horizontal slotted pipe that can be rotated by a lever or by a gear and headstock assembly

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