Chemicals Dosing Skids

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We Trinity Engineering is one of the superb supplier of chemicals dosing System. These systems are duly tested as per industry terms. These chemicals dosing system are used in water and wastewater treatment plants that help in achieving desired process parameters. And we offer this dosing System in various MOC as per customer requirement at very competitive prices.

Our all Skid mounted package Include following list of items as describe below:-

MSEP / SS Base frame

Dosing tank (MOC as per client requirement)

Reputed make Metering pumps

Calibration cylinder

Pulsation Damper

Necessary Pipes & Fittings,Valves (MOC as per client requirement)

Control Panel

Our Skid mounted package Have following good Features:

Easy to install

Robust construction

Hassle-free working

Low maintenance

Trouble free operation

Negligible functioning,

Energy efficient

Sturdy construction

Custom Designed

To Suit Operational And Site Requirement

The polymer preparation system :PAM & PAC. it is a solution designed according to polymer physicochemical property easy to be affected with damp, powder in the water is not easily dispersed, and need certain maturing time, also the powder is not easily cleaned if scattering out. the system well avoids those negative factors during the preparation and dosing processes.

  1.  Adopting the vacuum feeding system to load completely and wont scatter around.
  2. Water ejector ensure the PAM&PAC to meet with water completely, and avoid the dry powder turn to dry pieces, and save the PAM&PAC dry powder
  3. Spiral feeding outlet is equipped with auto moisture proof value in order to protect the dry powder which  won’t     turn into dry pieces from outer moisture while stopping preparation and dosing
  4. Both function of practical solid and liquid
  5. Can be equipped with PLC system and auto controlling

Basic composition

  1.  The polymer preparation unit equipped with mixing tank, ripening tank and storing tank
  2.  The inflow unit consist of magnetic valve, pressure gage, flowmeter and filter
  3.  Three mixing unit with stainless steel material
  4. The dry powder feeding unit consist of powder cabin and mixing cabin
  5. Dry powder with auto self-heating and dehumidification, mitting  and attenuation
  6. Automatic monitoring and warning device for liquid level.
  7.  Control unit operation of the control unit (PLC option)
  8.  Material: SUS304, PP or SUS 316

Application fields

The flocculation treatment of municipal or industrial wastewater

The polymer preparation processing for sludge dewatering

Purification of drinking water

Wastewater treatment of chemical industry, paper industry and metallurgical industry.


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