Chemicals Dosing Skids

Coagulant Dosing Skid

We Trinity Engineering is passionately engrossed in supplying a wide spectrum of Coagulant Dosing System. This system is precisely engineered under the supervision of diligent team of professionals with the help of cutting-edge technique and using utmost quality components. Offered system is useful for efficient operation of conventional drinking water treatment plants. Besides, this Coagulant Dosing System can be availed by our esteemed clients in various technical specifications as per their exact needs.

Flocculants Dosing Skid

We Trinity Engineering is one of the prominent supplying an extensive array of flocculants dosing System. This system is duly tested as per the set industry terms. This system finds its main use in water treatment plants that helps in clarifying water from mineral washing processing. Further, we offer this flocculants dosing System in various specifications and at market leading competitive prices

Chemicals Dosing Skids

We Trinity Engineering is one of the superb supplier of chemicals dosing System. These systems are duly tested as per industry terms. These chemicals dosing system are used in water and wastewater treatment plants that help in achieving desired process parameters. And we offer this dosing System in various MOC as per customer requirement at very competitive prices.

Our all Skid mounted package Include following list of items as describe below:-

  • MSEP / SS Base frame
  • Dosing tank (MOC as per client requirement)
  • Reputed make Metering pumps
  • Calibration cylinder
  • Pulsation Damper 
  • Necessary Pipes & Fittings,Valves (MOC as per client requirement)
  • Control Panel

Our Skid mounted package Have following good Features:

  • Easy to install
  • Robust construction
  • Hassle-free working
  • Low maintenance
  • Trouble free operation
  • Negligible functioning,
  • Energy efficient
  • Sturdy construction
  • Custom Designed



TEST‘s automatic models are complete bivalent systems to dilute powder or emulsion polyelectrolyte’s with water in continues mode to reach concentration solution between 0.1 % and 0.5 %. This high versatility models permit easy switch between powder or emulsion polymer resource that make it management easier with all possible exploration options.

Built as skid principles where all components are connected and tested make it easy electrical and hydraulic installation saving time and money. A friendly configuration, maintenance and operation make them ideal systems used in flocculation process as dewatering, pre-filtration, paper industry.

The extraction capacities for this models just depends the dosing flow rate and for that recommendable understand the indicated volume as a hourly capacity assuming 60 minutes maturation time that is the standard for most polyelectrolyte manufacturers.

Main structure built in HDPE/PVC/PP with classic three chambers parallelepiped geometry connected by overflow channels permitting distinct solution volumes for dilution, maturation and dosing.

The duty cycle is controlled by ultrasonic continues level measuring sensor, installed in the dosing chamber, that start the refilling process automatically, opening the solenoid valve and adjusting the dry feeder or dosing pump speed to reach always the selected concentration even with water flow variations.

Configurable process alarms with informative or impeditive action. Mechanical and process fault alarms with independent contact free current signals.

Standard models cover most part of process needs but our engineering department can study with costumers different options to improve present configurations to any situation.

Polyelectrolyte Preparation Units are assembled bringing the following components together.

  • Tank:-Suitable for preparation and maturation of anionic or cationic polyelectrolyte solution is divided into two or three compartments with one or two mixers installed
  • MIXERS – standard in dilution and maturation chambers with 150 rpm motor driver, fast removable coupling system, shaft and 45º plain tetra-blade propellers build in SS.
  • DRY FEEDER: – Sized to contain solid powder polyelectrolyte has a suitable size and includes motorized screw with manual adjustment for dosing of right quantity of powder into the preparation unit. With extraction solid center screw and compact Hooper built in HDPE. All systems include heater resistance in extractor tube, intuitive level window and lever sensor in hopper.
  • Dissolution unit:- Water spray (min 2 barg) and dissolution unit is installed into the preparation tank to have the best prediluition of powder into water